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I remember years ago when I was just a teenage boy I discovered Samantha Fox Strip poker for the Commodore 64.  Most of you probably don't know what I'm talking about.  But it was one of the first times my love of technology collided with my love of masturbation.


It was quite a few years later when I discovered interactive sex games.  The sex scenes were recorded by a porn star.  You got to decide which scenes were played but you didn't really have much control.


Well technology has advanced considerably since then.  Adult computer games and Interactive Video Sex Games have been improving over time.  From the simple strip poker games and hardcore CD ROMs.  You now have fully interactive 3D virtual sex games have been created using the latest CG technology.


You can choose from a range of realistic computer generated characters and change their shape and size to suit your tastes.  You can put them in a wide range of sexual positions using all types of  sex toys and partners.  You can then view the action from any angle you like.


This site has reviews of the best 3D Virtual sex games available to download or play online.

  • 3D Virtual Sex Games   ( 7 Articles )


    Reviews below are of the most hardcore sexually explicit adult computer games available.  These are very realistic and fully interactive 3D virtual sex games.


    You can choose your virtual characters and change the body shape and body parts to suit your particular tastes.  You can then put them in a wide range of sexual positions and locations using a range of adult toys and sex partners.  Including lesbians, interracial and even fantasy creatures.  You can also view the action from any angle you like.


  • Stripper Games   ( 1 Article )


    Strip poker and other stripper games are surprisingly arousing.  It's fun to have the element of chance mixed in with the stripping.  These games are generally more softcore that the other virtual sex games.


    Strip HiLo, however, is the most sexually explicit game I've reviewed here. Strip HiLo doesn't really classify as a 3D game because it has live women stripping and playing with themselves online.


    However it's definitely worth a look. :-)


  • Interactive Sex Toys   ( 1 Article )


    You can use sex toys that interact live with adult games.  There are only a few available so far but it's a growing market.