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Somasex has a range of games, videos and anime.  3D Plaything was formally known as 3D Playmate.  They are continuing to develop new and better models.  A lot of the their work is on creating set videos of CGI characters.  They also have a fairly realistic interactive 3D Virtual Sex Game.


This game is similar to 3DSexVilla but is well behind in a number of areas.

Some of the drawbacks;

  • There is only one character so no one-on-one sex.
  • You can only change the color of her bikini, her hair style, eyes, skin and breast size.
  • The 4 locations are all in the one building.
  • There are only 9 set poses and 6 dildos.

But most importantly the graphics are not as smooth as in 3DSexVilla.


You do get access to a number of original photos of models used in the development of the game.

Cost:- Free Demo

3 Day Trial - $19.95

1 Month - $24.95

1 Year - $44.95

These are US prices, costs may vary in other countries.

Note:- For a little extra you can get access to 3D Plaything, Somavision and Somadoll.


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