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VirtualFem is different to a lot of the other Virtual Sex sites I've reviewed. This site does not use cgi technology. It uses actual video footage. It is more like the interactive DVDs that available everywhere.


The disadvantage of most video based virtual sex sites are that they only have a set number of scenes to view. But I've reviewed VirtualFem because it does have some interesting features.


VirtualFem uses AI chat technology. So you can talk to the models and they will respond intelligently. It also uses voice recognition and text to speech technology so that you can talk and get responses like you're talking to a live model.


There are a huge range of models to choose from with a new model every month. Each model has different types of scenes. The scenes are shot from your point of view. You just tell her what you want to do or see and if there's a video available you will see it.


Current Models

and many many more....


Sample Video:


30 Days - $29.95 First month

- $19.95 Recurring


90 Days - $49.00


1 Year - $99.00

These are US prices, costs may vary in other countries.

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