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Strip poker and other stripper games are surprisingly arousing.  It's fun to have the element of chance mixed in with the stripping.  These games are generally more softcore that the other virtual sex games.


Strip HiLo, however, is the most sexually explicit game I've reviewed here. Strip HiLo doesn't really classify as a 3D game because it has live women stripping and playing with themselves online.


However it's definitely worth a look. :-)


Strip HiLo banner


This is a game where you actually talk live with real webcam models from around the world. It's a new site developed by a webcam website called camcontacts. The idea of the game is to guess whether your next card will be higher or lower. If you get it right she will take off another piece of clothing.


You also get to chat live with her as you play the game. She may be willing to do other sex acts for you after the game is finished.


Want to know how it works?


Check out this free demo I've loaded to my old site.


The price varies depending on the girl.


Cost:- Free Demo


Pay per minute                        - Anywhere between $0.99 - $2.99

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